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The Calkins Publishing Company presents books that offer a different perception of the things we take for granted. Our goal is to provide new insights on such subjects as art, sciences, philosophy, religion, government and the human condition. Not surprisingly, our publication trade name is A Different Perception.


It is part of the human condition that everything we know is hostage to our assumptions. Some of our assumptions are explicit. We have the opportunity to assess their validity and correct them. Others are implicit. They not only are unknown but remain unexamined. To open our minds and broaden our perspective, we occasionally must excavate all of our assumptions and give them a good dose of sunlight and fresh air. It also wouldn’t hurt to shake them up a bit with a good swift kick.

Richard O. Calkins


The book that disproves the theories of relativity
Einstein's theories of relativity shape our perceptions of such important physical phenomena as velocity, acceleration, gravity, space and time. They are the foundation of our understanding of the universe.

Unfortunately, they are wrong.

Scientific observations of the propagation of light which were available in the early 1900s failed to detect its innate directionality. Accordingly, Einstein,s understanding of the propagation of light, which forms the foundation of his theories, was incomplete. When the innate directionality of light is taken into account, motion is shown to be absolute, not relative. What this means is that science must rethink much of what we've learned about the nature of the universe over the past century. At the very least, this is going to be highly controversial.

You can look ar some excerpts of what's in Relativity Revisited here. If you like what you see, you can buy Relativity Revisited at Amazon.com and learn what its all about.

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This report tells the whole story:
  • Section 1 provides a brief background on the special theory of relativity. It is not included as material for peer review. It is provided only as background for scientists in fields other than physics who may be interested in the report. Physicists can feel free to begin at Section 2.
  • Section 2 begins the analysis presented herein for peer review. It shows how a simple pocket laser, by forcing us to recognize the vector nature of light’s propagation, proves that Einstein’s first postulate, which extends the principle of relativity to the propagation of light, is factually incorrect. As predicted by Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetic waves, including light, do not conform to the principle of relativity.
  • Section 3 brings the flaw into focus with a demonstration of how it causes incorrect predictions.
  • Section 4 addresses some characteristics of the human condition which are particularly harmful to mankind’s efforts to understand reality. It also gives specific examples of how they impaired the validity of Einstein’s theories and then protected them from observational challenge for more than a century.

By its publicly announced availability on this website, this report is formally submitted to the academic and professional scientific community for peer review.